I took my baby to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house and it was killer

My son Bruce turned 1 on Halloween. This past year has been absolutely amazing. Being a mom is a trip, a fun, awesome, weird, cool trip. For health reasons I needed a C-section, and when the doctor asked me what date I'd like to schedule it for, I immediately thought of Halloween. I've got a bit of an interest in… » 1/18/15 12:43pm 1/18/15 12:43pm

This is a real-life, massive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower

They said it couldn't be done. They said it probably shouldn't be done. But, Pizza Hut is attempting the impossible. A real-life, massive, 12-foot-tall pizza throwera la Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This baby is gonna be big. And it's going to be delicious. And people are probably gonna get hurt having pizzas hurled… » 7/23/14 2:49pm 7/23/14 2:49pm

Awesome Mayor of Salem, MA supports LGBT rights, pisses off Glenn Beck

Here's the rub: Basically, Gordon College recently requested an exemption from federal employment laws so they could refuse to hire people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. For which they were recently denied. So, let's be clear, if you're gay, Gordon College doesn't want to hire you. Regardless… » 7/23/14 8:56am 7/23/14 8:56am

Explore Ohio’s legendary 110-year-old ghost ship

Tucked away, about 25 miles downstream of Cincinnati, rests an abandoned ghost ship. She’s not actually Ohio’s ghost ship, rather she's really Kentucky's Abandoned Ghost Ship. She’s been slowly rusting away in a small creek, just a stone’s throw from Cincinnati. She’s only accessible by hiking across a field and… » 7/22/14 1:27pm 7/22/14 1:27pm

Photographer captures amazing moment lightning strikes an English field

Yesterday morning at 4AM, the quiet of Waveney Valley, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in East Anglia, was broken by an early-morning summer storm. Fortunately, local photographer Simon Buck was up at that ungodly hour to capture the extraordinary beauty of the moment lightning struck the valley fields. » 7/20/14 9:19pm 7/20/14 9:19pm

This Lego Super Mario Bros aquarium is the coolest aquarium of all time

Kelsey Kronmiller, a graphic designer, designed this amazing LEGO aquarium, which is about 90% done and "entirely coated in "Krylon Fusion," a clear enamel recommended by aquarists to protect fish." I love all the little details. This is such a cute build and totally makes me want to build a Lego aquarium. » 7/16/14 9:52am 7/16/14 9:52am

Three Boeing fuselages fell off a train into a Montana river

King 5 News is reporting on a 19-car train derailment that occurred outside Superior, Montana on Thursday. As a result of the derailment, three railcars that carried several Boeing aircraft fuselages plummeted into Clark Fork River. The aircraft parts were for 737, 747 and 777 airplanes. » 7/05/14 3:22pm 7/05/14 3:22pm

Massive Lego 'Grand Budapest Hotel' is 50,000 whimsical bricks

Ryan Ziegelbauer, a LEGO Master Model Builder, designed this Lego replica of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel with over 50,000 bricks. This two-minute video is condensed from hundreds of hours of design work and construction. The result is every bit as whimsical and charming and beautiful as a Wes Anderson… » 6/16/14 10:40am 6/16/14 10:40am

Here's the world's most disgusting sculpture...Meat Rushmore

The Gothamist is reporting on the erection of the world's grossest, most disgustingest, ickiest sculpture of all time. A 13-foot tall, 17-foot wide Mt. Rushmore replica that's made from 1,600 pounds of Jack Link's beef, pork and turkey jerky. The sculpture was in honor of National Jerky Day and was quite the hit with… » 6/13/14 10:48am 6/13/14 10:48am

Hayao Miyazaki's only music video is gorgeous and fucking trippy

In 1995, Chage & Aska, a Japanese rock duo, requested Hayao Miyazaki to produce this music video for their song "On Your Mark". The result is nothing less than pure-Miyazaki-porn. Not to be confused with actual anime porn. But, the result is pretty much the same. » 6/07/14 10:58am 6/07/14 10:58am

British government uses Lego for Scottish referendum and Lego is pissed

So, the British Government is supposedly outsourcing its referendums to...Lego and Buzzfeed? According to a financial analysis from HM Treasury, if Scotland chooses to remain as a part of the UK (rather than vote for independence), each person in Scotland would be "£1400 better off every year." A Buzzfeed post in the… » 6/06/14 11:05am 6/06/14 11:05am

Man who went on cross-country road trip with corpse is morbid as fu%#

So, yeah, a guy went on a road trip last week with a corpse. I guess that's a "thing"? Fox 2 reports that 62-year-old Ray Tomlinson drove from Clinton Township, Michigan down to Arizona to pick up his soon-to-be-deceased road trip buddy, a 31-year-old, presumed mentally-ill, woman from Glendale, AZ. » 6/05/14 3:03pm 6/05/14 3:03pm