I have seen the face of god, and his name is "Pizza Cake"

According to the New York Daily News, Canadian restaurant chain, Boston Pizza "is running a contest to determine the next "Pizza Game Changer," and one of the options is a six-layer cake made entirely of — you guessed it — pizza." Boston Pizza is marketing the "cake" as perfect for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, or you… » 4/20/14 4:08pm Sunday 4:08pm

Rare video shows insane waterslide at New Jersey's deadliest theme park

"Action Park" was New Jersey's deadliest theme park. At least 6 people died from ride mishaps. So, of course it was the location of one of the most elusive water slides in existence. The loopty-loop water slide. This slide is so controversial, so ridiculously cool that it was only open for ONE MONTH in the summer of… » 4/20/14 3:58pm Sunday 3:58pm

Cruise ships from hell will make you wish you'd gone on a road trip

It's with a heavy heart that I write this. Having grown up watching reruns of Loveboat, rarely did a cold, New England day go by when I didn't dream of walking across the Lido deck to a smiling bartender, waiting behind a well-stocked bar with a cocktail in hand. Well, gone are the days of Lido Decks and Bain de… » 4/20/14 3:45pm Sunday 3:45pm

Gulag-themed holidays are all the rage in sunny Siberia!

The Siberian Times reports that the latest travel fad is "Gulag Tourism." Gulags if you remember from 12th grade history, were Soviet-era forced labor camps. They were in existence from the 1930s until 1960. Criminals and political prisoners were forced into the camps as a result of the USSR's repressive judicial system. … » 4/16/14 4:13pm 4/16/14 4:13pm

The sad tale of the abandoned Alice in Wonderland theme park

There are few childhood stories more magical and deliciously-surreal than Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Even the name lends itself to fantasy. Who wouldn't follow a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat, monocle and pocket watch down a hole? Sure, maybe not the best lesson to teach children (i.e. following strangers… » 4/15/14 10:04pm 4/15/14 10:04pm

How Native Americans were crucial to defeat the Nazis and Japan in WW2

This is Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo 29, being honored at an April 4th ceremony. If it weren't for him and the other 28 Native Americans who created the secret code language used in the Pacific theater during World War II, America would have probably never won the war against Japan. » 4/15/14 9:55pm 4/15/14 9:55pm

This Key West bar is an ex-morgue with bodies still buried in it

Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Shel Silverstein, Tennessee Williams and the Mayor of Margaritaville himself, Jimmy Buffet, have all enjoyed a drink (or 8) at Captain Tony's Saloon in Key West, Florida. What the tourist guide books often fail to note when promoting the saloon is the fact that it was established in… » 4/04/14 5:07pm 4/04/14 5:07pm

Own a piece of Apollo 13 with the sale of stolen NASA artifacts

10 years ago, a cache of space swag was stolen from the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. The U.S. Marshal's Service hunted down and confiscated tons of NASA space artifacts, including "a silvery-Mercury spacesuit, a fabric swatch from Apollo 13's astronaut couches, and a control panel from Russia's Mir space… » 4/03/14 3:39pm 4/03/14 3:39pm