I took my baby to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house and it was killer

My son Bruce turned 1 on Halloween. This past year has been absolutely amazing. Being a mom is a trip, a fun, awesome, weird, cool trip. For health reasons I needed a C-section, and when the doctor asked me what date I'd like to schedule it for, I immediately thought of Halloween. I've got a bit of an interest in… »1/18/15 12:43pm1/18/15 12:43pm

Awesome Mayor of Salem, MA supports LGBT rights, pisses off Glenn Beck

Here's the rub: Basically, Gordon College recently requested an exemption from federal employment laws so they could refuse to hire people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. For which they were recently denied. So, let's be clear, if you're gay, Gordon College doesn't want to hire you. Regardless… »7/23/14 8:56am7/23/14 8:56am

Hayao Miyazaki's only music video is gorgeous and fucking trippy

In 1995, Chage & Aska, a Japanese rock duo, requested Hayao Miyazaki to produce this music video for their song "On Your Mark". The result is nothing less than pure-Miyazaki-porn. Not to be confused with actual anime porn. But, the result is pretty much the same. »6/07/14 10:58am6/07/14 10:58am

Every single Nicolas Cage laugh ever compiled in one single video

Get ready, my friends. Get ready to feel all kinds of emotions. Get ready to love, to cry, to hate, to look away, to stop this video in disgust only to start playing it again because you can't resist keep looking at it. Get ready for every single Nicolas Cage laugh ever compiled in one single video. Enjoy. »5/24/14 6:23am5/24/14 6:23am

NASA's space colony concept designs from the '70s are cool as hell reports that today NASA's Ames Research Center released a kickass set of space colony concept designs. Basically, during the 1970s NASA commissioned a collection of incredibly cool concept designs for if, and when, we start colonizing space. These massive rotating colonies are straight out of the Jetsons. I… »5/19/14 1:23pm5/19/14 1:23pm

This Star Trek mansion is what happens when nerds become millionaires

Welp. It's happened. The Trekocalpyse is upon us. Some guy is selling a $35 million Star Trek-themed mansion in Boca Raton, Florida. Remember the social networking site, FriendFinder (me neither), well the ex-CEO of that site is Marc Bell. And Marc Bell is a massive Trekkie. He's also super-rich. His mansion is the… »5/15/14 4:59pm5/15/14 4:59pm

Behold, the world's first and only French Fry museum!

The Frietmuseum is the world's very first museum dedicated solely to the delicious culinary delicacy, known as the "French Fry." The museum is housed in a 14th century building, which is literally the most ancient building in Bruges. Seriously. Though many people associate "French Fries" with France, they're actually… »5/02/14 9:44pm5/02/14 9:44pm

How Native Americans were crucial to defeat the Nazis and Japan in WW2

This is Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo 29, being honored at an April 4th ceremony. If it weren't for him and the other 28 Native Americans who created the secret code language used in the Pacific theater during World War II, America would have probably never won the war against Japan. »4/15/14 9:55pm4/15/14 9:55pm