Happy Birthday, H.R. Giger!S

He's been called "the Georgia O'Keefe of Sci-Fi Horror" (mainly by me), and his surrealist art has transcended the boundaries of both surrealism and art. Or something like that. Nevertheless, no one does cyberpunk sci-fi and Lovecraftian horror as well as the Master of the Macabre. So, Happy Birthday, Mr. Giger and thank you for the nightmares!

Giger's biomechanical artwork has haunted my dreams since I was young. In the most delicious way possible. Below is Necronom IV, the artwork served as the basis for the design of the xenomorphs in Alien. Personally, there's a bit too much penis head here, but hey, it's art!

Happy Birthday, H.R. Giger!S

Recently there's been speculation that Giger's inspiration for the Alien queen for the second Alien film (aptly named Aliens) came from the phronima parasite. The phronima is a small, deep sea parasite, and she's quite beautiful. She's also pretty badass. For instance, she can build and carry her own nursery.

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