You'll never find a wedding video that's more nerdier, geekier or dorkier than this. When the ceremony begins the groom not only has to fight off a knight and ninjas, he also has to keep his betrothed from being wooed by Batman and Iron Man. Neither the guests nor the hotel staff had any idea what was going to happen.

There's even an appearance by WWE legend Jimmy Hart, American Ninja Warrior stars, Drew Drechsel and Reko Rivera, as well as George Lowe, voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Lowe narrated the cake-cutting (which "was cut using the #2 Frostmourne replica from World of Warcraft). But, my favorite part's when the hotel manager tells the evil bellhops to "Get the lady out of 237!"

The wedding took place in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Don Cesar. The groom is Artix, owner of a video game company, because, DUH! The groomsmen were dressed in knight attire inspired by AdventureQuest Worlds (one of the games created by Artix).

The bride and groom accepted no gifts at the wedding. They simply asked for donations to a local school for children with disabilities. [Neatorama]

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