The friendly skies are about to get a hell of a lot friendlier. The Daily Beast and Time Magazine are getting all hot and bothered by a new app that wants to help you join the mile high club. Wingman is an app that hooks you up with sex-seeking frequent fliers. Just browse through photos of horny passengers that are on your flight, then message them. It's up to you to seal the deal.

Obviously this only works on flights that are wifi-enabled. Personally, I see a whole lot that could go horribly wrong with this app. And a lot that could go terribly right. Here's my rundown:


1: Herpes. How do you know the person you're anonymously hooking up with is free of the herp? You don't. Are you willing to contract the gift that keeps on giving for a quickie?

2: Stinky bathrooms. Airplane bathrooms are small, cramped and can smell fucking gross. Though this may end up working in your favor if your hookup has a yeast infection or smelly, sweaty balls. Just blame it on the guy who dropped a deuce before you started shagging. So, there is an upside.

3: Bad back. If you've got a herniated disc, then cramped, circus contortionist sex on a red eye isn't going to do you any favors. Or it could help align your spine. Worth a shot!


4: Kids. Are you ready to feel like a dick when you see your hookup greeted by her husband and 3 kids at baggage claim? Oh yeah, that cute little boy, his puppy just died. Yeah, you're a home wrecking asshole.

On the other hand, you could have amazing airplane sex, meet the love of your life, get pregnant and have a dream baby, who never cries and grows up to be a philanthropic pediatric neurosurgeon! You never know what could happen when you bone a total stranger!

TATIANA'S TAKE: Do it, you prude!

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