The Battle of Stalingrad was an epic, nearly 6-month long, harrowing fight that pitted the Soviets against the Nazis. It was a crucial battle in the Eastern Front, which resulted in a decisive Soviet victory. This isn't the first film about Stalingrad, but it very well may be the best.

The plot is based on "a dramatic love story against the backdrop of a grand battle." The action takes place in 1942 when the German troops occupied the bank of the Volga river. Having failed while attempting to cross the Volga to launch a counteroffensive on the German Army, the Soviet troops were forced to retreat. However, a few soldiers managed to get to the shore on the enemy's side. They remained hidden in a coastal house where they meet a girl. The Germans had occupied her home, and she did not have time to leave the front lines.

Against the backdrop of the most bloody battle in the history of mankind develops a love story, and, from that moment, the soldiers have to protect this girl at any cost. The prototype of this house is the legendary Pavlov's House in Stalingrad.

The screenwriter, Ilya Tilkin conducted research for the film at museum archives and by studying diaries and other recorded documents from those who participated in the conflict.

There are only two things that concern me. One, it's in 3D. I'm not a huge fan of 3D. However, I've been gagging for a good war epic, so I'll definitely give it a shot. And second, there's a romantic element that serves as a backdrop to the battle. That raises Pearl Harbor-level alarm bells. We'll just have to see how this one pans out.

So far, there's no American release date set.

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