Proof that Princess Leia actually used her bikini on a real beach

The Leia Bikini—one of the sexiest garments in the nerdverse along with Ripley's panties and Sean Connery's underpants in Zardov. I knew she sunbathed wearing it, waiting between takes in the middle of the desert with her stunt double. I didn't know that she actually used her bikini on a beach.

With Darth Vader and a bloody Ewok, no less.

That time Princess Leia went to Cancun on spring break...

"Meet Princess Leia Organa. Space Bitch." Recently unearthed vacation photos (from a 1983 Rolling Stone cover story) show a relaxed and sexy Leia, having some fun-in-the-sun. Poor home planet, struggling with daddy issues, and fresh off a stint as a sex slave. Can you really blame her for acting out like this?


[via imgur]

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